Brighton Craftaganza

Big news.


I will be selling my knitted wares for the first time ever this coming Sunday (1st Decemeber) at Brighton Craftaganza.  The fair is running between 11am and 5pm in Fabrica Gallery which is on the corner of Duke street and Ship street in Brighton.  I will have on offer an array of snoods in various graphic prints.  Perfect to slip into the top of your coat to keep your neck toasty and warm against those harsh winter winds.  Here are a couple of example but there will be many more to choose from on the day.

Cowl 1PicsPlay_1385569469891PicsPlay_1385569390618

I am sharing my table with the lovely Bedroom Factory Knits purveyor of the finest bobble hats in all the land and there will be plenty of other delights to see so please come and say hello if you’re around.  


Completed: Hermione Hybrid

Naomi Socks5These socks were made for my lovely friend Naomi, a regular recipient of my hand knits including a hat for last years birthday and I think the first ever project I finished, a pair of unrecorded mitts.  As any knitters reading will agree, it is only worth giving knitted presents to people you know will appreciate the time, effort and love that goes into them.  The months of forward planning, picking out something you hope they will cherish for a long time.  These people are few and far between so well done Nom, you rule!

Naomi Socks1They were knitted with an opal sock yarn I picked up in Belfast when I was visiting this summer.  I was trying to find some Irish wool but to no avail but this yarn with its subtle colouring called out to me.  The pattern is Hermione Everyday Sock.  I really liked the basic pattern but I changed the number of stitches to 48 instead of 64 and knitted them on 2.5mm needles.  I found the pattern instructions quite hard to follow because of this so I ended up going back to the Simple Skyp Sock pattern which I know works really well and just supplemented the texture pattern.  I did go back to the pattern for the heel flap and really liked the outcome, the stitches were really easy to pick up for the instep and I like the look of the garter stitches it.

Naomi Socks3

Naomi Socks2I’ve been really slack at posting recently but I do have a few more projects that are ready to post up so stay tuned!



Complete: September Fingerless Gloves

SeptMitts2At the end of August I did a test knit for Courtney, the designer behind Pink Brutus Knits.  These mitts are her September Fingerless Gloves pattern knitted in Malabrigo Sock yarn in the colour Ochre.  These were a breezy quick knit and I had no trouble with the pattern at all.

SeptMitts3This was my first time using Malabrigo and it definitely won’t be the last.  Just look at that subtle variegation, and its just so soft!  I can imagine knitting up a whole jumper in this and never wanting to take it off.  I don’t think I would use it for socks though, I don’t think the soft drape would stand up to being trodden on all day.   Not that I’m not willing to experiment, and I do love a good house sock.


SeptMitts4It’s a thumbs up from me.



Complete: I Knit Socks


Socks socks socks, I don’t know when my sock obsession will end.  I think one of the biggest reasons for my love of socks is the need for only one ball of wool.  No need to worry about how many balls to buy  and also the colours and patterns are so diverse and I can pick out things I would never want to use for anything bigger or more visible.  These are my newest addition.  They are another version of the Skype Socks which was the pattern I used for my Opal Fruit socks. but this time I included the slip stitch pattern.  Iknitsocks3

The yarn is hand dyed merino wool from I Knit in London.  I love the vibrant colours but paired with the pattern they kind of make my head hurt.  I made a couple of mistakes, can you spot them…?


Complete: Alska Cardigan

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… My Alaska cardigan is finally finished!

Alska1Knitted with Debbie Bliss tweed this cardigan was inspired by Rillie’s version.  I knitted the small but wanted it slightly cropped so I started the armholes after 12 1/2 inches instead of 16 1/2.  I also made the bottom rib slightly shorter.  Apart from those alterations and the fact that my mistake rib was so much a mistake that it ended up as a normal rib everything else is the same.

Alska3Alska5Thanks to my lovely friend Kate for taking these photos for me.  Considering it’s been so hot here lately I’ve already worn this several times.  The evenings are getting cooler.  I don’t want summer to end!


Knitted Flashmob

I don’t know about you guys, but there isn’t anything I like much better than watching a good flashmob video.  There are loads of brilliant ones on youtube but this one I thought was worth an extra mention as it involves 550 knitted jumpers, all knitted by one woman, Loes Veenstra in the last 58 years!   She had them all stored in her house in Rotterdam and none of them had ever been worn before.  It must have been so fun for her to see them all in action,  I can’t imagine she would have seen most of them for a long long time.  For me, when I see or use something that I knitted it takes me back to the time I was knitting it.  I hope seeing them all brought her back some nice memories.

I found the video on the knitting blog Wrong Side Facing.

A Short Row Sweater


Presenting… my Short Row Sweater.  It’s backless and made of wool, not two things you’s normally put together I think but I really liked the look of this pattern when I saw it.  The pattern is a freebie on the Purl Bee blog and has a really interesting construction.  This is another project that has been sitting around for almost a year and I’m glad it’s finally off the needles.  I got this 100% Peruvian wool on sale in Fernie last winter especially for this project.  It probably wasn’t the best match, I had to use needles two sizes smaller than recommended to get the right gauge so the fabric is pretty dense and isn’t as drapy as I would like BUT it fits well and I like the colour.

fcc7b0b6-7ba4-46aa-9a55-72b4848c7a722be785f1-b047-48e3-86c6-533265bd8aa8I don’t have anything else in this sleeveless style and I can’t really imagine putting this on when I get cold so I don’t know how much use this top will get.  But we will see, it could turn out to be my spring-time essential.