Brighton Craftaganza

Big news.


I will be selling my knitted wares for the first time ever this coming Sunday (1st Decemeber) at Brighton Craftaganza.  The fair is running between 11am and 5pm in Fabrica Gallery which is on the corner of Duke street and Ship street in Brighton.  I will have on offer an array of snoods in various graphic prints.  Perfect to slip into the top of your coat to keep your neck toasty and warm against those harsh winter winds.  Here are a couple of example but there will be many more to choose from on the day.

Cowl 1PicsPlay_1385569469891PicsPlay_1385569390618

I am sharing my table with the lovely Bedroom Factory Knits purveyor of the finest bobble hats in all the land and there will be plenty of other delights to see so please come and say hello if you’re around.  


Mon Jeu

Mon Jeu

Mon Jeu

I got some lovely lovely alpaca yarn last Christmas and I have finally put it to good use.  I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while and it has turned out just as nicely as I’d hoped.  The pattern is “Scarf-Cowl Double Jeu” and can be found on Ravelry.  I like that it is reversible, which, although made for confusing knitting when trying to pick it back up after a long absence, is the best look for cowl neck scarves I feel.  I used two skeins of yarn (I forgot to note down what it was before I threw the information away, sucks to be me!) and it is the perfect length to wrap around twice for uber warmth or just once for a more casual look.

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