Complete: Blue Tulips

A quick picture of a skirt that’s been waiting to be made for 5 YEARS!  The pattern is the first one Jenny Gordy (of Wiksten fame) published back in 2008.  The fabric is a light linen and I have no idea where it came from but it’s been following me round for 5 years…


Having finished it I discovered why it’s a bit small.  I didn’t read the button placket instructions properly so it’s half the size it should be.  Ah well, it fits high waisted so I’m happy.  When my housemate gets back from her holidays I’ll put some pictures up with me actually in it, init.


Checked Out

Although knitting is my biggest creative outlet I have been known to also dabble in a bit of sewing.  It’s something I would definitely like to do more of and I am constantly being inspired by what I see others making online via some of my favourite blogs and now on Kollabora.  Feeling recently inspired by the warm weather I decided to do a re-fashion of a checked shirt of mine which has been sitting around for years, hardly ever being worn.

This was it before.

Check shirt 01It was a fine shirt but just slightly too baggy to ever feel like it was the right occasion to wear it.  I wanted to wear it in a ‘look I’ve made an effort not to wear a t-shirt’ kind of way but it was just a bit shapeless to ever fit the bill.  So, I used a refashion tutorial from one of my favourite blogs Grainline Studio and chopped it up!  I missed out the fancy scalloped edge and shoulder cut-outs and just took in the side seams, added bust darts and finished the arm holes off nicely.

Check shirt 03It feels so much more fitted and comfortable now I’ve already worn it loads.

Check shirt 02

And as for my Alska cardigan, it hasn’t been left on a train, or dropped in the sea.  I have been slowly slowly working my way through it I’m just having a hard time getting it out when it so so sunny outside, it just feels wrong.  However, here is a sneak peak, I only have the collar and the button band to go!