Complete: Bull City Shawl

Bull City 4Hello lovelies.  Another completed project for you.  My first ever shawl.  I made sure I picked a smallish one, and this turned out even smaller than it should be because of my poor planning.  The phrase ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ comes to mind.  One day I’ll learn that an actual full size gauge swatch is needed, especially when the yarn you are using has no convenient tag telling you “Hi, I’m a DK weight. Nice to meet you”.    The pattern called for a worsted weight so I compared it to some of the DK yarns in my stash and it just seemed a bit bigger.  But no, it’s not.  Clearly it’s just a less tightly spun DK, so now I have a shawl that doesn’t quite make it all the way around my neck…

Bull City 1But do I care?  Nah.  Because look, I can just do this,

Bull City 3So that’s alright.

The yarn is a lovely lovely tealy green colour, which I don’t think these pictures are really showing off properly.  I bought it on my trip to the Isle of Skye a few months ago, which you can see pictures of here.  The yarn shop was in Broadford and sells lots of lovely hand dyed yarns dyed by the owner.  It’s well worth a visit if you are in the area, although I have heard on the grape vine that it may not be around much longer.

The pattern is Bull City Scarf by Sarah Sipe.  It was my first time attempting a lace pattern and I really enjoyed knitting it, it was fairly quick and the chart was easy to follow.  The only thing I would change – other than the silly sizing – is the bind off which it said to do tightly.  The tightness does mean that you get that lovely crescent shape but there is no stretch and so sits a bit oddly around the neck.  This of course is only highlighted it being being too small so maybe it would less of an issue if it was full size.

Bull City 5Sorry for the crappy photo above, I just wanted to show  off the crescent shape.

Bull City 2



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