Completed: Hermione Hybrid

Naomi Socks5These socks were made for my lovely friend Naomi, a regular recipient of my hand knits including a hat for last years birthday and I think the first ever project I finished, a pair of unrecorded mitts.  As any knitters reading will agree, it is only worth giving knitted presents to people you know will appreciate the time, effort and love that goes into them.  The months of forward planning, picking out something you hope they will cherish for a long time.  These people are few and far between so well done Nom, you rule!

Naomi Socks1They were knitted with an opal sock yarn I picked up in Belfast when I was visiting this summer.  I was trying to find some Irish wool but to no avail but this yarn with its subtle colouring called out to me.  The pattern is Hermione Everyday Sock.  I really liked the basic pattern but I changed the number of stitches to 48 instead of 64 and knitted them on 2.5mm needles.  I found the pattern instructions quite hard to follow because of this so I ended up going back to the Simple Skyp Sock pattern which I know works really well and just supplemented the texture pattern.  I did go back to the pattern for the heel flap and really liked the outcome, the stitches were really easy to pick up for the instep and I like the look of the garter stitches it.

Naomi Socks3

Naomi Socks2I’ve been really slack at posting recently but I do have a few more projects that are ready to post up so stay tuned!




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