Shop Crawl

I was in London last week working but because I was going to be working 12 hour days with no time to scour any wool shops (woe is me) I went down a day early.  Obsessed… yes.  First I went to Loop, the most high end beautiful knitting shop I’ve ever been to.  I’ve skulked around the shop many a time but I never get over how inspiring everything is.  The sheer amount of stock they carry is slightly overwhelming, I’m the kind of shopper that likes to look at something then go back to it when I’ve looked at everything else.  In loop however, I always forget what I was looking at in the first place.


I then went to I Knit in Waterloo.  I’ve never been before but I’ve heard all about it thanks to the world wide webular, it’s got such a massive following I had to take a look for myself.  The shop has a great vibe, much less fuss and fancy than Loop but nice and clean and simple and of course ample amounts of lovely lovely woolly goodness!  They have their own line of hand dyed yarns and I picked up one skein of merino sock yarn.  I am So excited to see how the colours turn out! Sadly then I had to go meet a friend, not much of a crawl I know.  The others will have to wait until next time.



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