Hello hello.  I am sorry for the prolonged absence, I didn’t realise I’d been away so long.  I have had some quite exciting knitting related things going on recently.  The last few weeks I have been doing a bit of freelance machine work for students from various universities.  They are all in their final years doing final collections and were in need of a bit of extra help.

Student knitting1.  This amazing dress was knitted for Marlee Simandl who was studying at Central St Martin’s.  It was knitted with a mix of monofiliment (fishing wire!!) and lurex.  This odd mix of fibres did give me a bit of grief as it ladders like crazy if you drop a stitch, meaning it’s near impossible to fix once you’ve made a mistake.  Thankfully mistakes were minimal, and this was actually really fun to knit.

2.  Complex cables!  I did this jumper on the double bed chunky machine so they are more like faux cables as I was only technically only moving one stitch at a time.  This was knit using chunky silk for my lovely friend Hege Midtun Larsen who is studying in Oslo.  We studied machine knitting together in Brighton last summer and she is a very talented designer.  I was given a sneak peak of her final collection and this girl is definitely going far!

3.  Also for Hege this jumper isn’t sewn up as she was going to embroider it after I’d sent it to her.  This one was knitted in tencel which is a plant based fibre, soft and silky with a beautiful drape.

4.  Half way through knitting this jumper I realised I was actually just knitting a Newcastle United strip… TOON ARMY!  This was knitted in cotton for Drew Izard from Salisbury College who is specialising in menswear.

5. Basic cables which nearly broke my machine.  I knitted two of these panels for Jenni Temme who is also studying at Salisbury College.  They were knitted in cotton which was on the verge of being too thick for my standard gauge machine so each time I had to cross the cables I was in struggle town trying to get the carriage across.

All in all I was happy with how they everything turned out and everyone was happy with what they got in the post.  I am now going away for 10 days to work in London but I have more posts up my sleeve for when I get back including the progress of my Alska cardigan.  Stay tuned.



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