Opal Fruits (Starburst)

Do you remember when Starburst used to be called Opal Fruits? 2983b9a6-5721-40ae-b450-c7bad2359296

It seems I have some kind of packaging problem and threw the packet for this yarn away so yet again I have no idea what this is.  But  from various investigations on Ravelry, I think it might be Opal.  This yarn winged its way to me all the way from Canada a couple of months after I left last year.  It’s a pretty uninteresting story to be truthful, something about left over money, closing bank accounts, yawn.   Long (boring) story short, I was sent this yarn as a surprise, all I had stipulated was that I wanted sock yarn.  So this turns up and to be honest it isn’t what I would have been drawn to if it were me.  All I had previously know of self-patterning sock yarn (the first socks I ever made were made in an ugly regina yarn) is that the pattern usually comes out a bit busy, too much going on all at once.  So I assumed this would be the same.  I clearly don’t have much of an imagination, because I absolutely love how this came out!   Big bold stripes is much more up my street.a0296e77-d840-411b-856e-e9f6acbd118ba5662690-65da-4c4b-866b-422124858122

The pattern is by Adrienne Ku, called Simple Skyp Socks.  I actually started out knitting the pattern proper in a different yarn (it will feature as something else soon I’m sure) but the colours weren’t coming out right and the pattern was being lost so I made the brave decision after knitting half a sock to give up on it.  I did however enjoy the heal flap technique, which I haven’t done before, so I just did exactly the same basic sock, but without the pattern, et voila…  I did the extra small version as they are intended as a men’s pattern and they are a perfect fit.  Hurrah!  I knitted the first sock in a day because I’m a mad woman, and the second is now done in not only under a year, but under a week!  Holy mackerel, someone call the papers!a5f424ab-b80b-4af4-b501-afb517cdf113bdda90b2-afad-4692-b75a-3e9686af7403dad7ed1d-9b07-4a09-b12b-bad812c1bb7a


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