Cardi vs Jumper

I am trying to decide what to knit next…

Cardi corner2I have been eyeing up these two patterns on Ravelry for a while now.  They both happen to be Berroco patterns but on the right is Rilli’s version of their Alska cardigan, aptly named Rusty Pearly Cardi.  Like Rilli I would do a cropped version but I would stick with the original long sleeves because I always like to pull my sleeves over my hands.  And on the left we have Adiez by Cirilia Rose.  I really like the slouchy look of this cardigan but it would be a pretty big task, I’ve never done anything that big with that many cables!  But, I’ve got to start somewhere I guess.

Jumper cornerThese three are the jumper contenders.  On the left a very basic top down jumper by Clara Falk called Alex.  The only jumper I have done before was bottom up so it would be fun to try something new but keeping it simple might be a good place to start.  In the middle is a pattern called Jolee by Marie Wallin for the Rowan Cocoon Collection.  I actually have the pattern book and I am in love with the stripes, but I am not sure if the v neck might just be a little on the low side.  And last but not least, on the right is Lilalu’s version of Lemongrass byJoji Locatelli.  I think this amount of cabling would be within my capabilities and I really like wide neck.

So… what’s it to be.  Any of these would be welcome additions to my wardrobe.  Maybe I should start by finding a nice yarn.  Which one is your favourite?



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