The Last of Winter

f1a7cce9-64ec-481a-a5a6-95a6ea048162When I presented my housemate Justine with this hat for her birthday I was berated by my other housemates that winter is over, why am I still making woolly presents?  I love that as soon as February is over we all think Spring has sprung.  No it hasn’t!!  We still have weeks and months of more rain to enjoy before the spattering of sunshine in June, then back to rain.  And if I know Justine, this hat will get plenty of use rain or shine.  bcbce83b-8731-4138-bc1e-3aa19f1b95740183b37a-566f-412c-9ab5-2880f632bbd7The pattern is another popular Ravelry number, this time by Gralina Frie called Advanced Beanie.  It is free to download and I love the simple travelling cable pattern.  It was complicated enough that I didn’t get bored but easy enough that I didn’t have to keep referring back to the pattern to see what came next.  The pattern also comes with directions outlining how to move the cable stitches without having to fiddle about with a cable needle.  I ended doing it a slightly different way than described, but using the same theory of holding the stitch.  I used up the Debbie Stoller yarn I had left over from my Short Row Sweater and it was a perfect match, although I can only imagine that it may accidentally become a bit felted if rained on too much.  We will see how long it lasts.  All in all a great pattern and I think Justine likes it.




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