Photos of people taking photos

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to put these photos up from London Fashion Week, but here they finally are.  I took a couple of friends to see Martina Spetlova’s exhibition at Somerset House.  The show seemed to be a great success, the queue was half way around the building when it first opened.  We ended up milling around for an hour waiting for the crowds to die down, which meant we unfortunately missed out on the free booze but it did mean that we could actually see the exhibit once we were in there without having to fight our way to the front.  Martina was sharing the space with several other designers and displayed a video of her work.  It was a shame she did’t have live models like some of the other designers but it was still great to see my pieces in action on the big screen.  I didn’t take any pictures of Martina’s work because it was moving pretty fast but here are a few shots of the other designers work.  You can find Martina’s full collection on her website now!


Jayne Pierson


Tom Van Der Borght

Jane Bowler

Jane Bowler

Bas Kosters - Yes, that's a horse head

Bas Kosters – Yes, that’s a horse head

I hadn’t realised the whole thing isn’t open to the general public at all.  It makes sense if I think about it but it meant we were only on the guest list for a small area.  However, me and my friends posed as potential future exhibitors and got ourselves on a tour of the whole site!  I’m not sure the guy was completely convinced but he let us tag along anyway. I think the most fun of the whole thing was seeing the wannabe fashionistas outside ‘casually’ hanging out trying to get photographed.  Maybe I’m being mean, but it did make for some fun people watching.  Here’s a couple of famous faces…


Me and Martina


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