A Short Row Sweater


Presenting… my Short Row Sweater.  It’s backless and made of wool, not two things you’s normally put together I think but I really liked the look of this pattern when I saw it.  The pattern is a freebie on the Purl Bee blog and has a really interesting construction.  This is another project that has been sitting around for almost a year and I’m glad it’s finally off the needles.  I got this 100% Peruvian wool on sale in Fernie last winter especially for this project.  It probably wasn’t the best match, I had to use needles two sizes smaller than recommended to get the right gauge so the fabric is pretty dense and isn’t as drapy as I would like BUT it fits well and I like the colour.

fcc7b0b6-7ba4-46aa-9a55-72b4848c7a722be785f1-b047-48e3-86c6-533265bd8aa8I don’t have anything else in this sleeveless style and I can’t really imagine putting this on when I get cold so I don’t know how much use this top will get.  But we will see, it could turn out to be my spring-time essential.



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