Sunshine Socks

f80b9a85-b8fe-4ca7-9f8b-b1ab85535e9fI finally finished the second sock, high fives all round!  Because the first one was knitted over a year ago, and I failed to write down any part of the pattern I used, the second sock isn’t an exact match.  The sizing is pretty good but I think I used a different heel technique and the second one is slightly smaller.  Oh well, practice makes perfect.  I love the colour of the yarn, and there’s a load of it left, hopefully enough for another pair.  I’m definitely going to try something more complicated next time, I have a million sock patterns in my favourites on my Ravelry so it may take me a while to choose.

923aeaf5-1714-4438-b0ff-27ad7230454020fb7cc9-b7b3-4b7a-bfb3-a340d9d4d7792e56200b-35b9-46e2-8cc2-4e3f94265cc8Thanks to Justine for being my foot model.



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