Long Forgotten

I started knitting many years ago  now, 3… 4… I’m not really sure.  Over these years I have knitted a lot.  Most of of it was rubbish, some not so rubbish and much of it was given away as presents to friends and family.  The sad thing is I never documented any of it.  All those head bands, scarves, hats and even a jumper!!  To be honest I can’t even remember most of it, and it would probably be embarrassing to see how badly made it all was but, I did knit almost every Christmas present this year and didn’t photograph ANY of it because I was still finishing most of them off on Christmas eve.  What a pleb.  However, on my trip to London this week I was staying with my friends Anna and Richard and lo and behold curled up on the sofa, watching the Mary Berry documentary (gotta love The Berry!) with me and Anna were these well worn woolly specimens…

16361cb6-39aa-4a05-b16a-aff75cfd451fThe pattern is Mystery Slippers by Terry Morris and can be found on Ravelry.  They are aptly named mystery slippers as they are knit flat and don’t look remotely like anything slipper related until you sew them up.  So much so that I knitted these for Anna right in front of her when we lived together last year and told her I was knitting a platypus.  Lucky for her I wasn’t.

3c2b9e03-87d0-4cc7-a650-d5600f8b7e89The moral of the story is, that I will from now on, always document what I make.




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